Super Blast Off! logo that includes a rocketship leaving Earth

Super Blast Off!

In search of an adventure, Ero travels through the galaxy in his spaceship when a malfunction causes him to crash land on Earth. Our trigger-happy alien friend quickly finds out that some “cats” just don’t want to be friends. Follow Ero on an adventure to fix his spaceship, collect items, score the most points in style, and blast Mr. Fat Cat and his cronies in a litter box of machine randomized worlds!

Genre: Competitive Action Platformer

Platform: Mac & Windows

Game Features

  • Randomized procedurally generated worlds
  • Randomly generated enemies, bosses, and items
  • Detail driven competitive score system with online leaderboards


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A Thorn in Your Side

This is Super Blast Off! game development update #10. One of many in a series of posts set to follow the progress of our first game. We are officially two weeks away from OrlandoIX 2016! What that means is that there will only be two game development updates from here until then. So let’s get to it.

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