Paragonyx launched in early 2015 with its sight set on creating high quality video games and becoming the standard for what independent game development should look like. Many years in the making, the company is the culmination of experience, skill, and desire. Amazing things happen when video game enthusiasts and creative people come together as Paragonyx aims to bring fun and unique experiences to a device near you.

Michael Diaz

Michael is a technology lover and video game fanatic. He grew up with games all around him but he was always curious on understanding how they worked; so he set off on an adventure to figure it out. Couple years later, he started working for big companies as an engineer. Eventually, the path brought him back to what started it all: video games. He is the technology officer and programmer guy at Paragonyx.

Alexis Avellan

Alexis didn’t start with an Atari or Nintendo; he was different. Instead, he began his journey with a Sega Genesis and this game as his first. Growing up, he was obsessed with video games, preferring to trade Pokemon on the Game Boy with his friends rather than dance with girls at his school parties. Later, he became enthralled with the Xbox and what he considers to still be the reigning king of first-person shooters, data and opinion be damned. Alexis was always a creative and this led him to pursue a degree in graphic design. He worked many years in that field before switching over to digital marketing. Now, he uses his combined skills to make sure you find out about our games and fall under their spell.

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